Selena Gomez is no longer our beloved Disney star these days. As much as we loved her sweet little innocent Disney persona for all these years, we got to face reality: Selena Gomez is growing up. And she’s not just getting older, but much more provocative.

The year 2013 has brought us a lot of gossip towards this blossoming young lady. All the way from the Selena Gomez playboy scandal to her role in the new film “Spring Breakers”, Selena Gomez is taking it all off and showing us what she’s got.

Of course, none of us are complaining. Selena Gomez is now an adult with a capital A. This could either make her career take off like a shooting celebrity star or plummet to the deepest depths of earth. Read the rest of this entry »

ashleefanbiography01 Singer, writer, tomboy… Ashlee Simpson was born in Dallas, Texas. When 19 she signed on to the label, Geffen. In only a few months she produced a twelve song album. She named this album “Autobiography.” She also produced a song titled Autobiography with John Shanks. And MTV Cameras recorded the whole process. But it was not always this easy…

Ashlee began to dance at the age of four, and ten years later she went on tour with her older sister. At that time she began gaining her own fan base. At 18 she had over 50 fansites. She also was casted in 7th Heaven. In very late 2003 she signed on to her label, Geffen. At this time MTV came in and followed her everywhere.

She wrote a song for the Freaky Friday soundtrack earlier, but it’s time for her to write her album. One of the first songs was “Love Makes The World Go ‘Round,” which hit the fifth track on her album. This song was about being alone, but soon enough, she finds another boyfriend. And she loves how he knows her inside and out. This is where she sung, “Pieces Of Me.”


When her vocals were becoming weak, Ashlee saw a doctor. She found out the problem was due to Acid Reflex Disease. So Ashlee began to cut down on things that caused burning and weakness in her throat. She was to avoid diary, and sugar foods.

In June she released Pieces as her first single. The single was a smash hit. Things didn’t slow down, and Ashlee released her second single “Shadow”.

In October, “Autobiography” was ready to be released… and for promotion Ashlee was going to preform on Saturday Night Live. That day she woke up to a breakfast. She had pancakes, cheese, and eggs. Later, she realized her voice was dry or not up to anything. As that day progressed, Ashlee’s voice became worse. Her father and management told her straight. She had to use guide vocals, or lipsynch. The first song went well, when Ashlee came back out unto stage, it was all yuck. Her drummer signaled for Pieces, and what was so bad… they already did Pieces. In a state of shock, Ashlee began to get nervous… and began to do a hoedown. After 30 seconds she ran off stage. Saturday Night Live went to commercial quickly.

Although with her quotes that she would never lipsych, Ashlee’s fans still stand one-hundred percent behind her. Her fan-base understood the problem. But everyone else didn’t.

Jordan Geffen, over Geffen Records, canceled Autobiography, and released “La La.” La La was a big way to come back, and Ashlee began to work on her voice. In a crowd in January, while preforming she was booed. But that isn’t stopping her. What kind of Ashlee Fans would be at a place called the Orange Bowl?

She’s on tour, maybe she’s starting her second record. She’s finishing her first starring movie role in Wannabe. She has an awesome dad and that means an awesome manager. A sister, whom she never sees, but is her surface of support. And her mom to help her with her choices. Oh, and, over millions of fans. If you want Ashlee’s Autobiography… I’m sure you already know it’s all good, for Ashlee anyway.

And she also just celebrated her 20th birthday.
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justin bieber and selena gomezLike every year, Coachella is giving much of himself. And there are many celebrities who have been allowed to see the world’s most glamorous festival. Among them, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber that although they tried to hide from the media, were seen after the singer gave all dancing break dance on stage.

Until now we knew that the boys were enjoying the festival separately (Selena with her friends Kylie and Kendall Jenner and Justin on stage with her rapper friend Chance The Rapper), but did not have news that coincided. Until now! And the “TMZ” website has published photographs that confirm this. Discover them below! Read the rest of this entry »

Gerard PiqueJust a few hours of classic face Real Madrid and Barcelona in the final of the Copa del Rey 2014, today we have to report the Catalan footballer Gerard Pique, who besides being not past his best professional moment (suffers injury that keeps him off), still have problems with the press.

Apparently, Piqué was nervous to learn that paparazzi tried to take pictures with his family, so he got into a fight that ended with a split lip. Want to know what happened? Well, very helpful! Read the rest of this entry »

robert pattinson and katy perryHave you heard these days are taking place Coachella Festival? This event brings together each year to a lot of celebrities that in addition to show their best looks we offer occasional surprise. On this occasion, which has left us with an open mouth was Robert Pattinson, who has been seen in the company of Katy Perry.

The truth is that the actor and singer have always proven to be very good friends, although we assume that Kristen Stewart would not have sat well images showing that night holiday among young people. You are the show below! Read the rest of this entry »

sara carboneroA few days ago we inform you that the father of Sara Carbonero was sentenced to two years in prison for defrauding more than a million euros to several of its neighbors in Corral de Almaguer, Toledo, today we have to talk back to the parent sport journalist. And, apparently, now would be followed by defaulting, as should 24.800 euros.

According to reports “Vanitatis” Carlos Javier Carbonero is being pursued by a company defaulting on a debt contracted in 2009. As if I had enough problems! Want to know more information about this story? Here we give! Read the rest of this entry »

get beautiful feetThe feet are an important part of our image, and much more in spring and summer seasons being the most commonly show. Gone are closed months of boots and shoes to make way for the street sandals or bare feet at beaches and pools. Today you will see a practical and simple step by step to make your feet look perfect during the summer.


Few feet to look beautiful is imperative that no cracks, calluses or other dry skin type look. It is advisable that you make a good full pedicure. If you think you will not be able to have much trouble or dry, you can go to a professional and then maintain the good condition of the skin by rubbing a pumice stone in the shower and using moisturizer. Read the rest of this entry »

self-tanner without leaving spotsFinally spring has arrived, but there are still a few weeks so we can fully enjoy the sunshine and good weather. One of the best things about this time of year, of course, is that our skin gets tan tone that makes us more beautiful naturally. However, until the time to get brown comes, we can use one of the best cosmetics that have never been invented: the self-tanner.

This product is ideal for showing off an enviable tan without taking the sun. In the summer allows us to enhance your tan. The only problem is that is not easy to apply because unsightly stains usually appear. These made-up we will give you the keys to apply yourself this product. Are you ready? Well here we go! Read the rest of this entry »

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makeup for little girlsMany girls from very tiny are attracted to the makeup. This should not worry at all, because it is normal that small house try to imitate what their mothers, older sisters or cousins. Around age 12, girls start having their first outings with friends and some of them begin to consider makeup as part of their previous preparations.

Although you should never allow a child to attend school makeup, occasionally not allow ourselves to bad makeup, but always taking into account a range of care. We further recommend that make up your skin begin as late as possible, since a greater or lesser extent, makeup contributes to the deterioration of the skin. Today massaged want to give you the keys to make up a girl. Are you ready? Well here we go! Read the rest of this entry »

Sergio RamosClearly Abouk Hiba is the trendy girl. Since the hit series “The Prince” was released several months ago, the actress has not stopped out in the tabloids, and not by their profession.

The last thing he knew was that it could have started a relationship with the player of Barcelona Jordi Alba. However, today we learned that there are some photographs that could jeopardize the relationship between another player and his girlfriend, who, incidentally, is pregnant. Yes, you’re right! This is Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio. We give you all the details on this story below! Read the rest of this entry »

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Permanent Eye MakeupThere are many women who like to be perfectly made up from the beginning of the day and not all of them have the time or the skill it takes to make this happen. For this reason there are specialized clinics in permanent makeup, which is getting increasingly more fashionable to give a solution to all of them.

This technique is based on the conventional tattoos, only instead of making a drawing on the skin in the traditional way, which is tattooed are lines that we normally do when it comes to make-up, as outlined lips, coming tattooing from few decades ago. But today is also carried out in other areas like eyebrows and eyes, which we’ll discuss in this post. Read the rest of this entry »

sara carboneroDespite the recent birth of Martin, her first child with Iker Casillas, Sara Carbonero is not passing one of his best. And the father of Telecinco journalist, Javier Carbonero, has just been condemned by the Toledo Provincial Court to two years in prison for defrauding several of its neighbors in Corral de Almaguer, in that locality.

The news, which will be published this week in the journal ” Reading “has been advanced by the director of the publication, Luis Pliego, in” The morning of the 1 “(TVE). Want to know what he is accused of Sara’s father? Then we’ll tell you! Read the rest of this entry »