ashleefanbiography01 Singer, writer, tomboy… Ashlee Simpson was born in Dallas, Texas. When 19 she signed on to the label, Geffen. In only a few months she produced a twelve song album. She named this album “Autobiography.” She also produced a song titled Autobiography with John Shanks. And MTV Cameras recorded the whole process. But it was not always this easy…

Ashlee began to dance at the age of four, and ten years later she went on tour with her older sister. At that time she began gaining her own fan base. At 18 she had over 50 fansites. She also was casted in 7th Heaven. In very late 2003 she signed on to her label, Geffen. At this time MTV came in and followed her everywhere.

She wrote a song for the Freaky Friday soundtrack earlier, but it’s time for her to write her album. One of the first songs was “Love Makes The World Go ‘Round,” which hit the fifth track on her album. This song was about being alone, but soon enough, she finds another boyfriend. And she loves how he knows her inside and out. This is where she sung, “Pieces Of Me.”


When her vocals were becoming weak, Ashlee saw a doctor. She found out the problem was due to Acid Reflex Disease. So Ashlee began to cut down on things that caused burning and weakness in her throat. She was to avoid diary, and sugar foods.

In June she released Pieces as her first single. The single was a smash hit. Things didn’t slow down, and Ashlee released her second single “Shadow”.

In October, “Autobiography” was ready to be released… and for promotion Ashlee was going to preform on Saturday Night Live. That day she woke up to a breakfast. She had pancakes, cheese, and eggs. Later, she realized her voice was dry or not up to anything. As that day progressed, Ashlee’s voice became worse. Her father and management told her straight. She had to use guide vocals, or lipsynch. The first song went well, when Ashlee came back out unto stage, it was all yuck. Her drummer signaled for Pieces, and what was so bad… they already did Pieces. In a state of shock, Ashlee began to get nervous… and began to do a hoedown. After 30 seconds she ran off stage. Saturday Night Live went to commercial quickly.

Although with her quotes that she would never lipsych, Ashlee’s fans still stand one-hundred percent behind her. Her fan-base understood the problem. But everyone else didn’t.

Jordan Geffen, over Geffen Records, canceled Autobiography, and released “La La.” La La was a big way to come back, and Ashlee began to work on her voice. In a crowd in January, while preforming she was booed. But that isn’t stopping her. What kind of Ashlee Fans would be at a place called the Orange Bowl?

She’s on tour, maybe she’s starting her second record. She’s finishing her first starring movie role in Wannabe. She has an awesome dad and that means an awesome manager. A sister, whom she never sees, but is her surface of support. And her mom to help her with her choices. Oh, and, over millions of fans. If you want Ashlee’s Autobiography… I’m sure you already know it’s all good, for Ashlee anyway.

And she also just celebrated her 20th birthday.
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hide pimplesThen came the day of your graduation, bachelorette party, christening your nephew or any other important event you have. You get up. You go to the bathroom. You look in the mirror. In addition, … you take the surprise that you have emerged a few bumps on the face. Relax; do not panic because they have solution. Just a little makeup to conceal hide pimples. In massaged teach you to do.

When a pimple appears on the face, the first temptation that comes to mind is to exploit it. Do not do it or you could aggravate the problem. What you have to do is clean the skin thoroughly to prevent the grains from becoming infected when in contact with makeup. Use a purifying tonic and a little moisturizer. It is a way to dry the grains and not infected. Read the rest of this entry »

long lasting lipstickSurely you ever will have passed it to throw you a lipstick and when no trace of paint on your lips. It is very easy for the makeup of this area of the body disappears in minutes. Saliva or food is the main cause of the short duration of lipstick. In this article, we want to help you endure your color. Look.

Many women turn to long lasting lipstick to prevent the paint last little time. However, it is lacking oil products also require a specific care for maximum durability. Read the rest of this entry »

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makeup legsHow do you say? What your legs are not as sufficiently Brunettes like to wear a dress or a miniskirt? Do not worry! Today we bring you the solution! We refer to the makeup legs, which will also serve to cover certain imperfections.

If because of the rains and low temperatures that have taken place in much of the peninsula during the first part of the summer or the lack of time you have not had time to soak up the Sun and, therefore, bronzing your skin, the best thing you can do is to resort to the makeup legs. Yes! Yes! As you hear it! Today at our blog we want to explain to you how to do it. Are you going to lose? Read the rest of this entry »

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Bridal MakeupThe big day approaches. The event that marked a before and after in your life, surely you’ve thought about how you will be wearing, where you are going to celebrate what details you are going to give the guests, but do not forget the most important thing next to the outfit that you’ll get. Bridal makeup is what really makes it look like a princess on that special day. See what advice we give to that nothing goes wrong.

It is up to the bride to with my right makeup to prepare for the big day. The will be the one you really advise on colors that you feel best and the most suitable tones depending on whether the wedding is held in winter or summer. This in turn will also consider whether the event is in the morning or afternoon, as the makeup has to adapt to the lighting conditions of the moment. Read the rest of this entry »

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eye makeupThe best make-up is which is not noticed. Surely once you find someone who was so well made up, it seemed that his appearance was always so. But not, you like to know the tricks to show off a stunning look and it may seem that you have no eye makeup? Then keep reading.

One of the main recommendations for a totally natural look is to use colors soft or neutral, since its objective is to enhance the natural beauty of the person. So now you know, when you go to buy eye shadow, ask about popsicles natural tones. They will take for makeup this way. Read the rest of this entry »

makeup summer productsGenerally, no makeup very well with the high temperatures, heat we can run mascara and even provoke the odd disaster in the face if we cast foundation. You have two choices: whether to use makeup in summer or do but with certain products. As we like to take risks, we will continue makeup with makeup products.

Sweat often confuses us and makes us think that the skin is more hydrated in summer than at any other time of year. Big mistake the basic summer is moisturizer. It is very important to moisturize your face before applying makeup and even more if you think sun exposure. Read the rest of this entry »

Nail colors for summer 2014In recent years, manicures and pedicures have become another complement our look, especially during the summer when all we dare to make do more, either because we want to see ourselves more interesting, because we have more time or for any other reason. However, during this time of year you should wear some nails of the hands and feet perfect.

And if you like to look cool, then it is important to know what the trends of the season are. Now let’s talk massaged precisely nail colors that will be this summer. Are you ready? Well here we go! Read the rest of this entry »

solving problems with makeupHave you ever gone to lend after makeup and concealer you ever noticed that it has been cracked? This is one of the most common problems you can have when it comes to makeup though other with lipstick without wanting whenever you use them just having to rectify the stroke that has left you in the mouth. And the makeup sometimes gives us unpleasant surprises, but we will help to solving problems with makeup to the fact yourself beautiful is not a punishment.

There are times in which the products are too dense concealer to apply directly to the skin. This means you can get cracking and let the papery skin. To avoid this, first mix it with some moisturizer and then apply it on the skin.

Also, try to avoid common beginner mistakes such as believing that the more makeup you wear, the more erase facial imperfections. The trick is not the quantity but the distribution to do the same. Read the rest of this entry »

reduce dark circlesStress, carrying a bad sleeping pattern, diet and genetics can influence the appearance of the dreaded dark circles. Although it is virtually impossible to make them disappear by ingesting some nutrients may reduce them. Do you know?

Dark circles are spots that appear at the base of the lower eyelid. Its veins under the skin around eyes, appearing with ease to be in an area with very thin skin. Want to know what foods you should eat to conceal? So grab a pen and paper because we will explain below. Read the rest of this entry »

 aquiline noseThere are parts of the physical that we do not like and that are very difficult to conceal. One is the aquiline nose. This nose is one that is narrow and whose shape is not completely straight but are distorted by half. Genetic causes some women to have this type of as little desired nose. Although it is part of our personality, there are times when we want to hide this type of nose. With a little makeup, anything is possible.

What to do when you want to hide an item in the face? Well take a superior color tone that you have. Put some foundation darker than your nose to the tip of this tone. This is the first step to hide that nose how little you like. Read the rest of this entry »