Britney Spears  Alcohol banned On the set of X-Factor U.S. this year the atmosphere may be less power than before. Indeed, the team of Britney Spears new judge this year is to formulate a query rather disturbing: the singer should never be in contact with alcohol. During the hearings that took place in all the United States, his team puts a note before his arrival at each step: ” Very important: They ask him to empty minibars any alcohol. And do not give bottles wine or other alcoholic substance offered as a gift “, as reported this day the website of the magazine UsWeekly.

I must say that this application can be a bit alarming when one considers that the singer has struggled to fight his demons before returning to the front of the stage. In 2007, she attended several detoxification before declaring himself cured, and then be confined for a few weeks in 2008 following a relapse (due to alcohol, nothing is less sure, this would be of illicit substances).

Since then, the pop star seemed to take his life in hand, under the aegis of her father Jamie, his legal guardian. Since last year, Britney Spears is engaged to her former manager, Jason Trawick, she was supposed to marry this summer before the marriage is shifted. However, no date has yet been set.

But there is more. For the last artist on whom such an application has been made is another Amy Wine house. The soul singer was to happen in Serbia in June 2011 had a problem with alcohol and its management, anxious to see her back on stage and honors commitments had forbidden anyone to help him get alcohol that it is in the confines of your hotel or wherever it is. Britney Spears would it be at the same stage? We hope not.

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