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The Importance Of Sleeping On The Right Mattress May 19, 2017

There are a number of factors that affect the way we sleep. These include room temperature, comfort, and level of stress. However, to start the process of getting it right, you must begin with the basics. Your mattress plays a huge role in getting a good night’s sleep.

If you are looking to purchase a new mattress, you may have noticed that the process of choosing the right one is quite daunting. There is a dizzying assortment of mattress available and the process can be tremendously overwhelming, especially for the inexperienced.

Before you even venture out to the stores to look for a mattress, you should know the amount you are willing to spend. For many, buying a mattress is a sizable financial undertaking; therefore, it is important to go into this purchase with a budget in mind. This will help you to purchase the best mattress you can afford and prevent you from spending too much.

To ensure you are sticking to your budget, you should check out the websites or circulars of the local stores to see what is on sale. Note the names and model numbers in your price range. Ask about those specific models when you go to the store. Some stores stock just a few models of the mattresses on sale. This means you might not find out the mattress is no longer in stock until you are actually inside the store. As such, it is important to find out up front if they have the ones you’re considering.

When you start the process of assessing the mattress, ensure the one you ultimately choose supports your body while it is in a neutral position. It should also be able to support the curvature of your spine, your buttocks, shoulders, head, and heels. It is important that these parts of your anatomy are supported in the correct alignment.

An overly firm mattress will push on these key pressure points and cause your body to become misaligned. An overly soft mattress will not provide adequate support for the pressure points. Therefore, your entire body will flop back. These scenarios can both result in aches and pains. Typically, one particular brand of bed is not superior to another; however, a firmer bed is seemingly more ideal for individuals who suffer from lower back pain.

When to Get a New Mattress

You will know you are sleeping on the right mattress when you can consistently wake up in the mornings feeling refreshed and free of pain. If you regularly get up in the mornings with lower back pain and aches in other parts of the body that is unrelated to a medical condition, it might be time to get a new mattress as the current one is clearly not working for you.

The right mattress provides remarkable support and you feel almost as if you are floating on air. If you are in the market for a new mattress, specialists recommend that you test it in the store. Lie down in your normal sleeping position on each mattress. It is also recommended that you spend between 10 and 15 minutes testing out the bed. You should also consider bringing your own pillow. Your chances of picking the right mattress will increase the more closely you can replicate your current sleeping situation.

Mattresses nowadays are designed to last a lifetime. However, most people do not wish to keep theirs for that long. Changes happen to our bodies over time; therefore, the mattress that worked well a few years ago might have started to become uncomfortable.

Additionally, mattresses tend to amass germs like dust mites and fungus that can negatively impact your sleep patterns by worsening your allergies. After the 10 to 15-year mark, you should consider purchasing a new mattress.

Studies have found that the best mattress is typically the one you find most comfortable. Bear in mind that no mattress will save your body when you have poor sleep patterns. To perform optimally, your body requires an adequate amount of rest, regardless of the type of mattress you end up choosing.

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5 Tips For Choosing A Mattress

Not all mattresses are created equal. With so many brands and companies that sell them, finding the right mattress can be a daunting task. Thankfully, there are a few tips that can make it easier. With that said, here are five tips you should keep in mind when you’re in the market for a new mattress.

1. Set A Budget
You’ll be surprised at how much mattresses can cost or how inexpensive they can be. In other words, they vary greatly in price and a number of factors affect the price. This is why you want to set a budget before you shop around for mattresses.

If you don’t set a budget and you just go ahead and shop for mattresses, then you could end up spending far more than you can afford. Not only that, but you could be suckered into buying a mattress that isn’t worth the price or additional accessories you don’t need. Figure out what you can realistically afford before you do anything.

2. Research
After you have created a budget, you’ll want to research different types of mattresses and different brands. There are thousands and thousands of mattresses out there, but they typically fall under one of a few categories, which will be discussed in the next section. Research places that sell mattresses and research whether or not there are coupons or discounts you can receive.For example, if you want Nectar mattress coupons 2017 is a good year to find them because many places sell this mattress and you can save money on a Nectar mattress if you can locate coupons.

As part of your research, make sure you read reviews about different mattresses because this gives you an idea of what to expect with certain brands.

3. Know About The Basic Types Of Mattresses
Regardless of the brand of mattresses you’re looking at, they will typically fall under one of a few categories. There are memory foam mattresses, which are designed to mold to the shape of your body when you lay on it. You basically sink into memory foam mattresses.

There’s also sleep number beds, which contain inflatable air pressure chambers and you can adjust the firmness of the mattress. Depending on the model you get, you can use a remote control to tilt the bed, make it harder, softer and your partner can do the same thing, except for their side only.

Then there are firm and plush mattresses. Firm mattresses are exactly that, they are firm while plush mattresses are softer. Many traditional and regular mattresses fall under firm or plush.

To sum up the above, some of the most common types of mattresses include:

. Memory foam
. Sleep number beds
. Firm mattresses
. Plush mattresses

4. Test It Out If Possible
If you’re going to a store to purchase a mattress, then test out as many as possible. Lay on a few mattresses for a few minutes and lay in multiple positions because this is how you will get a feel for how comfortable they are. If you buy online, then check out the company’s return policy. Most places allow you to return a mattress within a certain time frame, which gives you the chance to test out the mattress you buy. Try out the mattress for a few nights and if it’s not comfortable or if it doesn’t meet your expectations, then return it and choose another mattress. Research is important because the more research you do, the more of a chance you have of ordering the right mattress the first time around.

5. What Kind Of Mattress Should You Get
The choice is completely up to you, but we recommend getting a Nectar mattress. Some of the key features of this mattress include its Forever Warranty and its 365 night home trial, which means you can try the mattress for a full year and return it if you are not fully satisfied with it.

Nectar mattresses are extremely comfortable and available in various sizes. Plus, they are affordable and you can order online. Ordering a Nectar mattress is easy and you can save even more money on one by using a coupon.

Finding the right mattress takes time, but with the above tips, you should have no problems finding a great one. Remember, we recommend getting a Nectar mattress. You can find Nectar mattress coupons 2017 and use them towards your purchase of a mattress. This will help you save money.

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