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V2 Cigs: Vaporize Three Ingredients With One E-Cig Vape Pen July 12, 2017

If you are looking for the best electronic cigarettes at a discounted price, you should visit the V2 e-cigs store. The brand is one of the largest retailers of e-cigs and vaporizers a position it has earned by offering a wide range of high quality, USA-designed e-cigs at a tremendous value. In fact, the company is offering V2 cigs coupon code for September 2017 that you can use to discount the prices even further. The company is also known for its friendly and knowledgeable customer care team that is always ready to help customers find the appropriate product easily among the wide selection.

The company strives to make e-cigs buying as seamless and fast as possible. Most of the V2 customers are returning customers, which is a good evidence of the commitment and efforts put by the company to make customers happy and satisfied. To remain the e-cigs market leader, V2 has made it possible for buyers to shop easily with a fast checkout on a wide range of platforms including mobile phone, tablet, and desktop. The company also offers a 30-day money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty on select products. With products that perform at the highest levels to deliver authentic flavors, the company puts its products and satisfied customers as its best ambassadors.

With V2 Cigs, it does not matter whether you are moving to electronic cigarettes or you are just looking for a better quality flavor, the company has a wide range of products to satisfy the curiosity and vaping needs of different people. From the V2 store, you can find starter kits that are carefully designed to help people easily move to e-cigs, batteries that offer both automatic and manual function, pre-filled cartridges, e-liquid, vape pens and accessories that are designed to make your vaping experience better.

V2 Cigs products

Starter Kits: The V2 starter kits come with tailored options that let you build perfect kits that fit your lifestyle. With over eight different starter kits, V2 makes it easy for starters to discover their right flavor and style. All starter kits offer premium performance and advanced features. The kits are optimized to transform your favorite e-liquid into thick, rich vapor. Some of the best V2 starter kits types include the EX starter kits, classic starter kits, VX starter kits, pro series 3, 3X starter kits and pro series 7 starter kits. The EX kits are designed with advanced technology that delivers over 400 puff count in a stylishly designed kit. The classic starter kits come with 12 flavors and two lengths of battery for a rich vaping experience.

Vape Pens: The V2 offers Pro line vape pens that allow vapers to upgrade their vaping experience by switching between loose leaf and wax, and e-liquid without the need to change your device. With one device, you can enjoy different elements without any limitations. The Pro line vaporizers are all-purpose devices that are capable of vaporizing three different ingredients with unmatched performance and quality. The vaporizers have a single body construction that reduces the risk of leaks and breaks, sleek and stylish exterior and charging cord and cartridges that secure magnetically. The Pro e-cigs are also equipped with smart technology that enables them to recognize each type of the cartridge. The features of V2 vape pens include easy load cartridge, magnetic charging, fingertip control, LED perimeter and large cartridge capacity.

E-Liquids: Whether you are looking for something sweet or a menthol flavor, V2 has a wide range of selections. The company finds its inspiration from tobacco flavors curated from different parts of the world, menthol blends, fruit blends and specialty blends. The store has over 12 tobacco flavors and an array of menthol blends that include peppermint and the highly sought green tea menthol as well as juicy delicious flavors. The wide range of blends and flavors lets you explore and awaken your taste buds.

V2 rewards its loyal customers with a range of weekly, monthly and special offers. The special codes such as the V2 cigs coupon code for September allow individuals to try new products or flavors at a discounted price. The store also runs a reward program that lets customers earn points that they can redeem in future whenever they buy a V2 product.


In addition to the quality vape pens that let you try different ingredients without investing money into another vape pen, a wide range of e-liquid products, highly motivated customer care, coupons and unique starter kits, the company also strives to be transparent with a host of communication channels that include email, customer service, blog, forum and social media.

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