The Best New Video Games for Graphic Art

video game graphic of bear holding cub with mountain in the background

Video games are popular and widespread, and these consume more of an individuals’ time and attention. These games come in different styles, types, and designs, and gamers will never run out of choices because there are actually many of them.

Can video games be art? This is one of the common questions raised by many game enthusiasts. As a form of art that only exists in virtual space, these video games depict the fusion of science and art. These include numerous forms of the old artistic expression and sculpture in 3D modeling form, narrative arcs, illustrations, and dynamic music that combine in order to create something which transcends any type.

Unveiling the Best New Video Games for Graphic Art

old school super mario vs new super mario graphic

The graphics within computer games can make or break gamers’ experience. Big thanks to the awesome leaps in the graphics and computing powers, as well as the latest technologies that gaming experience now becomes a very fulfilling one.

The Graphics Processing Unit or the GPU is also known as video card, or graphics card is an important piece of technology that is mainly responsible for making and delivering awesome videos, images, and animations that are now found in graphically intense, visually demanding and fast-paced video games and undeniably one of the imperative aspects of the overall gaming system.

The following are the best new games for graphic art:

  • The Witcher 3-Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3 video game is set in a fantasy world of the continent where there are humans, elves, monsters, and other creatures. The game also features stunning vistas, including darkly forested, snow-capped, and windswept Skellige Isles. The Novigrad was richly detailed, and there are also impressive-looking castles.

  • Hitman 2

The Hitman 2 video game that is rendered in stunning settings that you can explore and work within as strange Agent 47. There are glass-walled and modern looking homes, and you will also see cool graphic reflection technology on the surfaces, both the interior and exterior of the home. There is an abundance of textures and details in this video game that are completely visually appealing.

  •  Call of Booty

Aside from having encounters with incredible adult characters, Call Of Booty also gives you the chance to play in graphically reach locations.  

The Importance of Excellent Graphics in Video Games

The significance of designs or graphics can’t be denied. It is for this reason that video games have become increasingly addictive as the years go by. It’s not simply the fast development of plots, with every new game being launched having a confounded story than the last game you actually played. It’s additionally the visual enjoyment that players experience in every game, maneuvering you straight to its depths, making you feel that you aren’t simply outside the screen frantically clicking the controller.

Video games illustrations and graphics enable you to see the world that the developer of the game was pondering when they thought of the idea. It portrays an image of an alternate reality and has the ability to make you feel engaged even more as you feel and experience the deeper connection with the video game and the better the game graphics become.

Game graphics are also responsible for setting the mode. These also seal the connection that exists between the player and the game. Graphics essentially appeal to the eyes of the players that further make it pleasing to their senses and emotions more effectively.

Best Sites Online for Music

The internet is full of opportunities for musicians. Regardless of whether you are an established musician or an upcoming artist – you have endless possibilities available online. There are plenty of sites online where you can get your music featured on, so if you are serious about leaving a mark in the music industry and becoming popular then you should take advantage of the following sites.

  • YouTube is of course the most popular spot online for getting your music featured on. You can create a specialized channel for your music band or for you as solo music artist, but there are even better ways for spreading your music. On YouTube there are many genre-specific groups and online communities, reviewers and music critiques. Use them in own advantage. Upload your music on YouTube, engage with people that visit and comment on your videos and soon enough your popularity will start to rise.
  • Sites like Songkick and BandsInTown are great for promoting your shows and advertising. That is the short way for your music to get noticed and featured on specific websites. At these websites you can post your music and tell people that you will perform at specific venue in their towns and cities. The communities can learn ahead about the date and time when you will perform, they will start spreading the talk about you as an artist, and that will get your music noticed.
  • Reddit Music is another top site for getting your music featured on. At this site you can directly engage and start conversations with your fans, create fan thread, talk about different things with music lovers and upload your music.  By engaging with audiences you will better understand what the listeners want to hear and what do they like or dislike about your music.
  • Streaming websites and apps like Spotify,, iTunes, Pandora and Dozmia are a few other great sites for getting your music featured on. At these websites you can upload your music and connect with other artists. You can also use shared playlists with your fans and other musicians, and also connect with some big names in the music industry. You have to be patient before you enter some of the mentioned streaming sites, but the wait is well worth it because then your music will become available to the entire world to hear.

How to Use Forum Boards for Exposure

Forum boards can serve many different purposes. They can be a valuable source of education and information about different topics and they can also be a place where you can get your questions answered. Forums can serve as great tools for artists that want to learn more about art and to promote their artistic work. Upcoming artists can learn many new art techniques, showcase their art, get praise or critique, and learn how to successfully promote their art. Today you can find some large forums with millions of members that serve as encyclopedia for getting information about art and for showing off artwork to the general public. Most forums also have sub-forums that are organized based on the type of art in question. All of this shows that forum boards are powerful online places where your art can be recognized by people and where you can start your career as an artist.

Exposing Art – Things to Do

            In order to expose your art in forum boards, first thing you need to do is make a research and find a few reputable art forums. Browse a little and check how many members are there, what features are available to artists, what the forums offer and other important things. As soon as you find quality forums, it is time for you to start presenting your artwork to the world. One of the best things about forums is that you can post your work and immediately get valuable responses from other people about the quality of your work. At forums there are thousands of people online all the time so it is inevitable for you to receive some praise, but also some criticism. Do not worry if you are criticized about your work because art critique is essential if you want to grow as an artist.

            Be persistent with your art, take criticism well and use it to become a better artist. People will tell you their opinion and then you can take that to create even better artwork next time. In any case, exposing your art in forum boards is very easy and simple. All you need to do is just create an account on forum boards and upload your work so the public can see it. That will give you great exposure, and if your art is good then you can quickly become successful on the art scene.

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How to Expose your Art on Snapchat

Social media platforms became very appealing for the artists in the recent years. The possibilities they offer for advertising and exposing art are limitless. One of the best social media channels that provide greatest exposure to art today is, of course, Snapchat. If you plan to make a breakthrough in the world of art then you should definitely take advantage of this platform. Snapchat is ideal place to expose your art if your target audience is younger people. Unlike other social media platforms, your followers on Snapchat can receive all of your artistic content directly on their newsfeed. Due to the fact that people`s attention span is constantly getting shorter because of the latest technology and media, Snapchat is perfect solution to use for exposing your art to the millennial generation.

Techniques to Use for Exposing Art on Snapchat

  • First thing you can do for getting better exposure is setting up your Snapchat account so the general public can see it. If you want your art to be seen by as many people as possible on the platform, just click on the Snapchat ghost logo on the top of your screen, enter the settings, scroll to the “who can” button, tap the “view my story” and set the setting to “everyone”. After that everyone can see what you post on Snapchat, which is great if you want your artwork to be seen by large audience of people.
  • Start sharing your unique Snapchat QR Code with platform users. This is a very cool feature that can help you a lot if you are a new artist. The code is used to easily connect artwork with people online. Taking advantage of the QR code is highly recommended because these codes have become integral part of all marketing and advertising campaigns. You do not have to do anything complex – just take a screenshot of the ghost logo of Snapchat on your profile screen. Then promote it on social networks, blogs, websites and other online places frequented by many people.
  • Give your fans a glimpse of exclusive art content and show them teasers about latest things you are working on. With Snapchat you can easily create hype around your artistic work. Tell your fans about upcoming art that is about to be exposed to the world by making short clips of few seconds or using interesting photos.

The Struggles of a Musician

All musicians face struggles on their way towards success. However, struggles are not the same for all musicians. Some cruise through problems more easily while others are brought down and never reach levels they want to achieve. In any case, every musician will face obstacles and challenges along the way and how they react to those problems is what separates good musicians from the rest.  

Common Struggles That Musicians Face

  • Seeking perfection. Every musician out there wants to become a better artist. Not all musicians have the courage or discipline to become one and that can be frustrating to many of them. Some musicians find great joy in practicing and perfecting their skills all the time, while others fail no matter how hard they try. Some musicians have psychological barriers that prevent them to become great artists, so that is one of the struggles that many musicians encounter.
  • Big Egos. This is pretty common struggle for plenty of musicians. Big ego is something that has proven to be detrimental for many musical careers. This is especially visible in larger bands where some musicians want to dominate over others and then problems arise. Regardless of how good the music or the band is, if one of the musicians in the band starts showing signs of a big ego, then that usually means that the band will not last for too long.
  • Travel. This is very hard for many musicians who find it exhausting and problematic to constantly travel from one place to another. Travelling life is not for everyone, so some musicians find it very hard to be constantly on the road. Sure, it gives them freedom and joys of adventure, but different musicians have different psychologies and not all can bear that. Constant travelling can be stressful, boring and tedious for many of them. Irregular meals, poor hygiene, lack of exercise, low sleep quality all pile up, which is why many musicians give up after a while.
  • Addictions. Pressure and stressful way of life leads many musicians turn towards drugs, alcohol and other mind-altering substances. Some musicians are depressed with their work, practices and shows all the time, so they seek a way out through drugs. Some great musicians have shown they have weak characters and have destroyed their careers due to substance abuse. Premature death has ended careers of many great artists in the world of music.